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Time Management

Build your professional excellence

You are increasingly required to travel abroad or to attend meetings held in English. Besides, you have to express yourself in front of colleagues from all around the world. If you feel that your English level is not good enough, this course will enable you to express yourself with more certitude and to be a real international leader.

How to save time by focusing on what is essential and balance your stress ? How to adopt your own leadership style ? How to delegate, network efficiently and optimize meetings or interviews ? How to negotiate to find mutual solutions and manage conflict ?

  • Tarif formation : 1295 € HT (1554.00 € TTC)
    Durée formation : 2 jours (14 heures)
  • Lieu de la formation : Paris
    Dates :
    14-15 décembre 2016

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Objectifs de la formation

Focus on what is essential and set up your own success strategy

Think WIN-WIN to be more efficient WITH the others

Become a team leader

Le(s) formateur(s)

Les plus de la formation

  • « Enfin un programme Leadership en anglais ! »
  • Focus on the cultural aspects and personal preferences to be taken into account while working in multi-cultural teams.
  • Learn from good practices displayed by other members
  • of the group.

Programme de la formation

Jour 1 de la formation :

Balance your stress

- Detect your biggest stress factors
- Find your own job/private life balance to achieve self-actualization
- Identify your sources of energy
- Avoid professional burn-out and exhaustion

Training : Maintain focus in high pressure situations (achieve results under stress)

Training : Get rid of time robbers, set up your “not to do” list !

Delegate and network efficiently

- From know-how to know-who
- Empower your team with a clear vision
- Build trust through credibility and accountability
- Engage your team with a meaningful job

Cas pratique: Communicate ideas in order to persuade

Optimize meetings and interviews

- Prepare meetings efficiently: what purpose? what kind of meeting? who will participate?
- Find the right approach to run a meeting and ensure progress

Cas partique : Take the floor and convince others with tact and respect

Jour 2 de la formation :

Negotiate to find mutual solutions – and not to defend your position

- Be aware of your own motivation drivers and those of the others
- Take a balcony view and negotiate win-win solutions
- Understand and master the stages of negotiation
- Avoid entrenchments and deadlocks
Cas pratique : Agree on a procedure and goals for mutual gain

Cas pratique : Agree on a procedure and goals for mutual gain

Managing Conflict

- Identify your personal preference for solving conflicts
- Learn about other preferred conflict styles
- Adapt your communication style to the others' preferred conflict styles
- Take a balcony view and maintain a positive attitude throughout

Cas pratique : solving a team-related conflict

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